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September 25, 2017


Please read the monthly newsletters and Chapel Chatter. Tuition is Due Oct. 5th to avoid a late fee. Ask about Lunch Bunch…

September 11, 2017

Sept/ Oct Chapel Chatter


  Reminder: Tuition is due by the 5th of every month to avoid a $30.00 late fee.  If the 5th falls on a weekend, please have it in the office by Friday.


School Pictures – Tuesday & Wednesday, October 17th & 18th

Butter Braid – Seventh year at Chapel & very delicious is Butter Braid Pastries & Cookie Dough. This fundraiser will begin October 2nd & run until October 16th. We couldn’t resist & thought everyone is looking for the perfect hostess gift or food item to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Order some Butter Braid & Cookie Dough and you are always ready for a party or family get together. They come frozen and are quick & easy to prepare. Each item is a 40% return to Chapel in profit.  Last year they were a big hit.

Settling In – Everyone has settled in.  We are learning to be part of a group and taking turns.  Please remember that for most of the children, this is their first initial separation from home and the security of their family.

Please be prompt dropping off & picking up your child.  Parents must sign in their child if they are coming or leaving other than the regularly scheduled class time. The sheet is located in the office.

Website  Most of our notices and newsletters will be posted on our Chapel website.  Each classroom will post a newsletter specific to their group of children.  The office will do the same keeping you up to date on school events and reminders.  Please visit the website to stay up to date.  Also the Parent Handbook and school year calendar are also on the website for you to reference at any time.  Please take the time to read these important items.

Parking – Arrival and Dismissal can be very hectic.  Our parking is limited.  It’s a challenge.  Please hold your child’s hand to and from the school.  We want everyone to be safe.  Street parking is available both in front and in back of the building.  Please DO NOT leave children unattended in carsPlease do not back-up to park your car in front of the windows to the building. The smell is very unpleasant and is a safety issue to your child’s health.



For a Happy & Successful School Year

  1. Be prompt dropping off & picking up your child.
  2. Read notices & file together to later reference.
  3. Label your child’s belongings. A permanent black marker is your best friend.
  4. Dress your child to play. Comfortable & easy to manage clothes are best.
  5. Sneakers are best for the playground, Crocs, Flip-flops & slippery soled shoes are dangerous & children will not be allowed on the play structure with them.
  6. Don’t ask everyday “Was he/she good or how was he/she today.” A child’s development is a slow & ongoing process. We want to keep confidentiality among parents & not speaking in front of a child to a minimum.  It is best to ask your child as you are exiting the building or in the car” how was your day or tell me what you did today.”
  7. Sick children belong at home. Children do not know enough to slow down. Resting a runny nose for a day keeps everyone healthy.
  8. Please feed your child breakfast & lunch. Children play, learn & work best when they have fuel to sustain their busy schedule. Snack is served to supplement their morning or afternoon.

August 30, 2017

Parent information night

Tuesday, Sept. 5th 6:30 – 7:30 (parents only please). 1st days of school are Thurs. Sept. 7th & Friday. Sept. 8th.

June 5, 2017

Open Enrollment

is still open for Sept. 2017.  Please call or e-mail for information.  Those enrolled please look at the Chapel Chatter for Welome Letter.

April 24, 2017

Welcome Letter 2017

Welcome Letter 2017

Dear Parents:


     The Chapel School would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year.  We are happy that you have chosen to join our Chapel family.  Our primary goal is to provide your child with a positive and rewarding learning experience.

      At this time we are sending you a Medical Form that needs to be completed and signed by your child’s pediatrician.  We suggest that you schedule an appointment before September.  We will not be able to admit your child to our program unless you have this form completed by the first day of school. 

      This year in lieu of open houses, an informational night for parents only will be held Tuesday, Sept. 5th at 6:30pm in the hall at the school.

     We will be presenting an overview of the school including policies & procedures, schedules, building operations, curriculum and what to expect this school year. Your children are our first priority. We want everyone to be happy, safe and ready for the school year.

      Additional forms to be completed including Developmental History, Face & Authorization and Consent Forms can now be filled out on line. This will save much time. If not we will have forms here at the school on this night for you to fill out. Your child can not start school without them. 

      After this presentation, parents will be directed to their child’s classroom for a short presentation by their child’s teachers. They will be available for parents to ask questions one on one as well.

      The first day of school will be Thursday, Sept. 7th for the 2-day & 5-day classes and Friday, Sept. 8th for the 3-day classes.  You will not receive another mailing. Please go on our website at for updated information and reminders beginning in August. Any questions can be e-mailed to

      Have a safe and wonderful summer.  We look forward to September and the start of another successful school year.


Cordially yours,

 Cindy Mazella


April 11, 2017

May’s Chapel Chatter




Final Tuition Payment – May’s tuition is now due. This is the final tuition payment of the year.  If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your balance, please call or come in the office.


Preschool Classes – The last days of school are Thursday, May 25th and Friday, May 26th.  The children will be having pizza for snack. Diplomas, report cards & portfolios will be sent home this week too.


Thank You – It’s been a pleasure to be part of your child’s life this past year.  The children have grown so much socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.  They have achieved many milestones and will continue to grow and learn.  Don’t blink, it happens so fast.  Enjoy every stage of their life.  For those of you leaving Chapel, our best wishes for the future.  For the returning children and families, we look forward to your return in September.  Thank you for all your positive referrals and testimonials.  Many new children are registered for the Fall because of your kind words and support of Chapel.  Keep spreading the good word!


Happy Mother’s Day


Have a safe and wonderful Summer!!

March 30, 2017

April’s Chapel Chatter

Chapel Chatter



Tuition is due by the 5th to avoid a $30.00 late fee.

Good Friday – Fri. April 14th – No School

School Vacation – Mon, April 17th – Fri. April 21st

School Resumes – Monday, April 24th

Dates to Remember!!

Last day of school:

Thursday, May 25th & Friday, May 26th

Reminder: We are still accepting Registrations for the 2017-2018 school year.  Thank you to all the parents that have made positive referrals to our school.  Many thanks for promoting Chapel to your friends & neighbors.


Coats – Please label jackets & sweaters. Children get confused and have a hard time identifying their belongings when they are hung up altogether on the coat rack.  It’s also very important to let them hang up their own coat so they can find it easier when we go outside each day.


Playground – Hopefully we will be back on the playground soon, sneakers and comfortable play clothes are best for our outdoor fun.  The children are able to use the equipment and move around on the play structure freely and safely when they are dressed for comfort and fun.


Art Show – Please join us next week for our Annual Art Show. A collection of the children’s creative art work from the school year. Viewing begins Tues. May. 9th thru Mon. May. 15th.

March 27, 2017

Spring Picture Day

Wed. March 29th & Thurs. March 30th.. Mrs Buresh’s class on Wed. and Mrs. Bradley’s class on Thurs..

March 14, 2017

No School

Wednesday, March 15th due to inclement weather.  Have another fun snow day!!!

March 13, 2017

No School

Tuesday, March 14th due to inclement weather. Have a fun snow day!

Chapel Chatter


Please read the monthly newsletters and Chapel Chatter. Tuition is Due Oct. 5th to avoid a late fee. Ask about Lunch Bunch…