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Sept/ Oct Chapel Chatter


  Reminder: Tuition is due by the 5th of every month to avoid a $30.00 late fee.  If the 5th falls on a weekend, please have it in the office by Friday.


School Pictures – Tuesday & Wednesday, October 17th & 18th

Butter Braid – Seventh year at Chapel & very delicious is Butter Braid Pastries & Cookie Dough. This fundraiser will begin October 2nd & run until October 16th. We couldn’t resist & thought everyone is looking for the perfect hostess gift or food item to bring to Thanksgiving dinner. Order some Butter Braid & Cookie Dough and you are always ready for a party or family get together. They come frozen and are quick & easy to prepare. Each item is a 40% return to Chapel in profit.  Last year they were a big hit.

Settling In – Everyone has settled in.  We are learning to be part of a group and taking turns.  Please remember that for most of the children, this is their first initial separation from home and the security of their family.

Please be prompt dropping off & picking up your child.  Parents must sign in their child if they are coming or leaving other than the regularly scheduled class time. The sheet is located in the office.

Website  Most of our notices and newsletters will be posted on our Chapel website.  Each classroom will post a newsletter specific to their group of children.  The office will do the same keeping you up to date on school events and reminders.  Please visit the website to stay up to date.  Also the Parent Handbook and school year calendar are also on the website for you to reference at any time.  Please take the time to read these important items.

Parking – Arrival and Dismissal can be very hectic.  Our parking is limited.  It’s a challenge.  Please hold your child’s hand to and from the school.  We want everyone to be safe.  Street parking is available both in front and in back of the building.  Please DO NOT leave children unattended in carsPlease do not back-up to park your car in front of the windows to the building. The smell is very unpleasant and is a safety issue to your child’s health.



For a Happy & Successful School Year

  1. Be prompt dropping off & picking up your child.
  2. Read notices & file together to later reference.
  3. Label your child’s belongings. A permanent black marker is your best friend.
  4. Dress your child to play. Comfortable & easy to manage clothes are best.
  5. Sneakers are best for the playground, Crocs, Flip-flops & slippery soled shoes are dangerous & children will not be allowed on the play structure with them.
  6. Don’t ask everyday “Was he/she good or how was he/she today.” A child’s development is a slow & ongoing process. We want to keep confidentiality among parents & not speaking in front of a child to a minimum.  It is best to ask your child as you are exiting the building or in the car” how was your day or tell me what you did today.”
  7. Sick children belong at home. Children do not know enough to slow down. Resting a runny nose for a day keeps everyone healthy.
  8. Please feed your child breakfast & lunch. Children play, learn & work best when they have fuel to sustain their busy schedule. Snack is served to supplement their morning or afternoon.

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Winter Break

Monday, Feb. 19th – Friday, Feb. 23. See you Monday, Feb. 26th..  Have a wonderful week off..