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Mrs.Buresh and Mrs.Bajor


Our last month of school together, where did the time go. Our pre-k class has really become a close knit little family. Even though the boys out number the girls 10 to 6, we all have learned to play and learn and grow together! I am looking forward to a wonderful last month of school together, we have many fun things planned.

Our first week we will discuss Farms and Planting. We will talk about why Farms are so important, and what animals, as well as food comes from our farm lands. Then we will move onto our second theme which is Insects and Butterflies. We have already started growing our own butterflies from tiny little caterpillars. I hope the children will love to watch them grow into beautiful butterflies. We will learn about what specific characteristics all insects share and learn the different parts of an insect. Then theme three takes us to the Ocean. There are so many interesting creatures that live in the ocean. The children will explore and learn all about the mysterious animals that live in the deep blue sea.

Our last week together we have a different theme every day. We have a picnic day where we bring in snacks to enjoy on our playground. We have a beach day! The children can wear their bathing suits and sunglasses. Next we will have a camping day! We will set up a tent in the classroom and pretend we are deep in the forest. The rest of the week we will play games and  enjoy snacks and are all invited to a pizza party provided by Chapel. I hope every  child and every family has had a wonderful experience this year. We have enjoyed being part of your child’s life, watching them grow and become more comfortable and independent is always a highlight of teaching.


Thank you,

Mrs. Buresh and Mrs. Bajor

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