Lunch Bunch News


The children continue to enjoy Lunch Bunch every day.  There are a certain core group that are here everyday and then the rest of the group changes based on the days needed.  They are meeting new friends from other classrooms and transitioning to be part of a different group from the morning.  It’s all good.

Moms, Dads, Grandmas, you pack amazing lunches!!  We are impressed with the choices and all the nutritious items you provide for the children.  There is always fruit, yogurt, cheese, to enjoy not to mention what is packed in thermoses.  Leftovers from the last night’s dinner or even waffles runs the gamete of food in a thermos.  It all looks so yummy!!  Some children still enjoy the traditional sandwich while others just enjoy the cheese and sliced meats rolled in a zip lock bag.  Whatever works.

Please remember to continue reading labels as allergy information changes all the time.  Keeping everyone safe is our number one priority.  Thank You for helping us keep everyone safe.  Many parents will email me a photo of a label for me to read if they are packing the food in a baggie or zip lock bag.  That is fine as long as I can read the label.

We will continue to send home food items that the children either didn’t like or couldn’t finish.  This helps you to see that and plan better for next time.

Keep up the good work on your end.  The children are getting better at the routine, especially opening and closing their lunch bags and cleaning up.


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